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GloryDays in Bangkok, Thailand at TIDFF

Critics consensus: GloryDays

The film depicts the adventures in Thailand of the former members of the Spiders, a Gen X rock band fondly remembered for their heroic levels of excessive hedonism and a single mega hit. 


The film could have gone wrong in so, so many ways but director Roy Alfred Jr. jettisons the tired shackles of the Mock Doc set up and goes all in on an ensemble piece as his characters struggle with their failures and the glimmer of hope of a revival. With insightful dialogue, irreverent disregard for anything resembling political correctness and playing big to the heart strings, director Alfred stays (just), on the right side of sentimental.

Glory Days has enough heart and humor to take its rightful place in the pantheon of a sub genre so rightly invented and ruled by Spinal Tap.


We recommend not taking your middle aged wife to this film. You might find yourself sleeping on the sofa for liking it too much. LOL

In The News

GloryDays official WEBSITE:

Bangkok Thailand

Run the Thai superstar and supermodel keeps getting on the cover of Thailands top magazines. Several are talking about her role in GloryDays as the enchanting tour guide who transforms the life of a broken Rock Star.

film behind the doors

Psyonic - R.E.D.'s blockbuster Sci-Fi space franchise is negotiating with several producers to find the right formula of talent to do something that has not been done since 1977 when Star Wars changed the standard for all Sci-Fi space adventures to come. When talking with Roy Alfred Jr. he says that in the first two minutes of this film you will realize that it's like nothing you've seen before. Clarity and dimension that was only hinted at with Gravity. A story that's an epic battle for survival, space action and adventure on a level never seen before, and finally the questions answered that have haunted humanity. Why are we here? What is our purpose, where do we come from and is there nothing more of us than flesh and blood?

"Run" Nathamonkarn lead actress in GloryDays

Psyonic: R.E.D.'s 100 Million budget headliner

Richard Tyson, Ivy Isenberg & Roy Alfred Jr. in Bangkok where Glorydays was the landslide favorite for audience choice award.

GloryDays now available on VOD and Download! More on the GloryDays website.

GloryDays DVD available soon at Red Box. Walmart and Netflix DVD, Amazon and more...

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