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At Hypersonic Films creativity is our greatest asset. Whether it is creativity in art or in business. We believe that great people are the source of that asset so we try to ever nurture and expand our greatest resource. Here are some of the the people who have joined forces with us.


Roy Alfred Jr. Producer / Writer / Director / Composer and founder of Hypersonic films. He has a long history in the music business and film industry. GloryDays is his first feature length project. 


Kaprice Kea (Bangkok) Producer / Director,  also works in actor training, casting, and actor management.


Ivy Isenberg Producer / Casting Director. Ivy has an amazing ability with actors and has cast many major films and TV shows. She was with MGM before forming her own company.


Eric Ragan Producer / Writer. Eric graduated top of his class in the LA film academy and went on to produce TV pilots, web series, and feature films.  


Doug Wirth Line Producer. The king of independent films.


Our associates are Tom Waller and DeWarren Pictures in Bangkok and recently we are partnering up with JJ Rodgers and XVlll entertainment.


“I don't dream at night, I dream at day, all day everyday, it's my living.”

– Steven Spielberg

Hypersonic Films, Formerly known as Radical Entertainment Design was founded by Roy Alfred Jr. in 2001. It was named R.E.D. because the goal was for R.E.D. to be a parent company, not just for producing films, but for all forms of high level entertainment. Music, cinema, art, design, and live shows. It's eventually goal to design the next level of attractions that can put people live interactive with the story. Now the company is focused on film and Television and has a new name.


Company Motto: To push  creativity to the limits only set by imagination and genius. To set the standard for next generation of entertainment. To follow in the footsteps of giants who have proved time and again that anything is possible if you're willing to work for it.

So far Hypersonic Films and it's subsidiary companies, Starbase Studios, Starbase Music,  have produced music for film and TV. Starbase Studios has provided sound and picture post production services for many projects in the USA and Thailand.


All of the companies assets were busy the last three years producing it's first feature film GloryDays. Now the new reformed Hypersonic Films will be devoting all of it's energy to bring the first of the next projects into production.


Three new films and Two new Mini-series are in development, and Hypersonic Films will be expanding it's facilities in the US and Thailand to accommodate the large production load to come.



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