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If wishes could be kisses - Dusty Springfield
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December 05, 1955 with Jackie Gleason


Roy Alfred
joined ASCAP in 1948
His first published song was recorded by Ella May Morse.
"Captain Kidd". He went on to write songs for Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennet, Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin, Ray Charles, Sam Cook, and recently covered by Adele.


Roy Alfred in his home studio 1982


Roy founded Jonroy in the 80's to have a publishing company to move all his copyrights into when they renewed. While it only holds a fraction of his songs it still has a large catalog. Today Jonroy is publishing new songs from other modern writers, Roy Alfred Jr. & Jonathan Alfred.

Roy Alfred Jr. present day


Roy Alfred Jr.
is Jonroy's Administrator.
He started recording and producing records at age 16. He plays 4 instruments and went on to work with many major artists. Recently he scored and wrote all the original songs for Rock Band, a film coming out in 2022.
Scoring for "15 Killings", "Flow" and "Aurora".

Gallery (click photo to open)

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