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About Rock Band


Many years after a horrific break-up, an infamous rock band The Spiders are asked to re-form as the subject of a reality show. The only problem is... who will put the broken pieces of these childhood friends back together again? The band’s original producer and songwriter is now living in Thailand forcing the four remaining members to abandon their mundane lives, and once again chase the Rock And Roll Dream!

“Rock Band has enough heart and humor to take its rightful place in the pantheon of a sub genre so rightly invented and ruled by Spinal Tap”.


  -Christopher Leeson,

“Great film, highly entertaining, and the music is fantastic. Spike Royal has created a unique and powerful movie. I highly recommend it to anyone with a heart and a brain”.


    -Jim Ladd, SeriusXM Radio

A dream come true for lovers of music films. However, I am not one of them, yet Rock Band brought on a moving story that was with me for days after seeing it”.


-Jason Newborn, blogger SuperFlix

Rock Band was shot on 3 RED digital cinema cameras in 3 countries over 2 years in dozens of locations. Featuring members of Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses and a host of familiar Hollywood actors.

Rock Band is a blast to see. It's a comedy with a lot of heart and it truly belongs on a list with the great music films like  Almost Famous and Spinal Tap.

Rock Band Producers.


Roy Alfred Jr. / Spike Royal  Producer / Writer / Director / Composer and founder of Hypersonic Films / R.E.D.

He has a long history in the music buisness and film industry. Rock Band is his first feature length film.

He pours passion into his work and Rock Band reflects this in every frame.


Kaprice Kea (Bangkok) Producer / Director,  with a long history in film, actor training, casting, and actor management.


Tim Carr Producer / Music Supervisor. Tim formerly was an A&R executive for Capitol Records, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks.


Ivy Isenberg Producer / Casting Director. Ivy has an amazing ability with actors and has cast many major films and TV shows. She was with MGM before going independent.


Our associates are Tom Waller and DeWarren Pictures in Bangkok and recently we are partnering up with JJ Rogers and Phil Corn / as our sales agent.

Rock Band never fails to reach its audience.
Every theatrical test screening brought 4 to 5 Stars on voter slips.

Rock Band is new version of the film formerly Known as GloryDays

with a 7.5 rating on IMDb

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